investments_tnLaterre combines a conservative investment culture with a creative and entrepreneurial approach to investing that is centered around creating value in high-quality properties that will maintain superior residual values over many years. Our in-house acquisitions team actively sources well-located, high-quality investment and non-investment grade commercial properties throughout the southern United States that represent risk-adjusted value. We limit our investment risk by carefully identifying transitional and distressed assets that…{Read More}

property-asset-management_tnWe measure our success through the satisfaction of the hundreds of men and women that occupy our facilities every day. Property and asset management are so critical to tenant satisfaction that we only entrust the management of our properties to our experienced in-house property management professionals whom meticulously monitor day-to-day building operations in ensuring that our tenants are consistently satisfied with the level of service provided and the quality of their surroundings. We understand the importance of…{Read More}

project-development_tn4Our transparent and objective approach to project development combines dedication to our partners, a belief in efficient design practices and a sincere commitment to a sustainable future. We understand that each project is unique; therefore, work from its inception to deliver specific and narrowly-defined results regarding materials, quality and service. We are prepared to listen, to perform intensive due diligence and to challenge ourselves to think beyond traditional institutional development and operational mechanics. The results are flexible…{Read More}