responsibilityCommitment, reliability, follow through…

With a history of employing a conservative corporate policy of fiscal responsibility, Laterre provides a firm and stable platform for its clients, lenders and investor partners. We know that choosing the right partner is a matter of feeling confident that they have the capacity to deliver and will conduct business in a trustworthy manner. Even with the most meticulous plans, contingencies arise that require partners to act in good faith and with the highest level of integrity.

We have earned a reputation for being highly competent while following through on our promises. We urge you to verify this with our clients; we are confident they will tell you that we are forthright, that we do what we say we will do, and that we are tenacious in meeting established goals. Our attention to detail and high ethical standards have awarded us a clean record: we have never defaulted on a development and we have never had a bond called. We commit to our partners and developments for the long-term, and run our business accordingly.

Guiding principles

Excellence – We strive to be the best at what we do and lead by example. Anything else is not acceptable.

Teamwork – We approach every project with a common goal of creating lasting value through innovative solutions and sustainable design. We believe that all participants should share in our success.

Integrity – We are committed to fairness and integrity in all of our business dealings. We recognize that our reputation is critical to the long-term health of our company.

Responsiveness – We believe that there are no excuses for delayed responses to our clients’ needs. This is why we demand that our team members respond to your message immediately so as to acknowledge that your request is being acted on.