Property and Asset Management

property-asset-managementGreat service matters

We measure our success through the satisfaction of the hundreds of men and women that occupy our facilities every day. Property and asset management are so critical to tenant satisfaction that we only entrust the management of our properties to our experienced in-house property management professionals whom meticulously monitor day-to-day building operations in ensuring that our tenants are consistently satisfied with the level of service provided and the quality of their surroundings.

We understand the importance of business continuity and have in place a sophisticated preventative maintenance program designed to get out ahead of problems by scheduling maintenance tasks and inspection programs before issues arise. This helps to ensure that our tenants’ business operations remain uninterrupted. Our in-depth knowledge of cost containment, building systems and operating procedures accompanied by our stringent management philosophy helps to optimize operational and maintenance performance and provide for a quick response when problems arise with building systems or vendor performance.