governmentA proven government partner

Laterre is a leading provider of real estate solutions to federal civilian agencies. Our state-of-the-art, high-security facilities reliably support their agency occupants in effectively delivering on their public service missions.

From technical expertise in finance, real estate development and facility management, to green building innovation, we deliver the right mix of skills to accomplish our agency clients’ specific needs. Our extensive experience partnering with a wide spectrum of federal agencies gives us a deep understanding of the issues, organization protocols, and challenges that surround today’s civilian agencies. Each agency has its own program of facility requirements that is critical to its mission. Laterre works shoulder-to-shoulder with the agency from the outset in meeting these requirements which in-turn leads to more effective government.

We understand that proper space utilization and adherence to agency facility requirements is central to operational success. In recognition, our professionals are constantly staying abreast of the ever-changing operational needs of our agency tenants and have in place a highly- organized monitoring system during the design, construction and management phase of each project that allows us to quickly respond to these evolving mandates so as to enhance overall tenant satisfaction.