project-development-2Our transparent and objective approach to project development combines dedication to our partners, a belief in efficient design practices and a sincere commitment to a sustainable future. We understand that each project is unique; therefore, work from its inception to deliver specific and narrowly-defined results regarding materials, quality and service. We are prepared to listen, to perform intensive due diligence and to challenge ourselves to think beyond traditional institutional development and operational mechanics. The results are flexible, innovative structures that succeed in delivering completed real estate projects that might otherwise be delayed or never built.


We bring extensive, multi-disciplinary professional experience to resolving development, funding and operational challenges. Our backgrounds include:

  • Legal and financial expertise in real estate development
  • Entitlement & planning
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Tax credit syndication and evaluation of alternative financing opportunities
  • Sustainable design and LEED certification
  • Integrated turnkey design and construction management
  • Energy efficient building management

Our cross-disciplinary backgrounds and extensive industry experience gives us the foresight to consider all aspects of project development and the ability to integrate comprehensive financial structures with appropriately-funded, quality-built and operated facilities.